Service Our Strength

The most important part of our customer service comes after the sale of a machine. All the valuable investments of our customers are treated in a professional way and according to manufacturer recommendations only.

25 service technicians and application specialists are ready to support our customers in all questions around the printing and packaging industry. All of our engineers have high understanding of all the processes involved in the printing and packaging industry. All of them are well trained by the manufacturers of the respective products in the USA, Europe or Japan. Constant upgrade of their knowledge with regular trainings for new product or refreshing of the existing knowledge is the basis of our strong service team. Our knowledge of machinery and of its application is constantly updated to the needs of the market and new products from our manufacturers. Ferrostaal (Thailand) permanently invests in education of service engineers in order to keep your machine up and running at the highest level and working to your complete satisfaction. Some of our technical services have been working with our company for decades and their experience is of high value.

As a German company we keep up to very heigh standards regarding the equipment used by our technicians. Special tools required for particular equipment types are part of our after sales service.

Our team of 4 service administrators receive your calls in our call centre controlled by a service manager. Our service administrators keep track of all the equipment installed at our customers┬┤. Our database system SmartView keeps all the records of all the machinery, all the service calls and all the relevant information to support our clients. Our database SmartView keeps the full history of your equipment over 6 years.