Food Processing

Ferrostaal Thailand provides services to customers in selective sections of the Food Industry both Human Food and Pet Food.

Todays lifestyle in Thailand has changed. Due to an increased movement of people from the rural areas into the city and foreigners moving into the country, the demand for bakery, pasta and pet food products increased.

Product Group

• Bakery
• Pasta
• Pet Food


Together with our partners, we offer machinery from renowned manufacturers, which are well established, those are:

TROMP, located in Gorinchem, the Netherlands, produces high quality machines for Pizza, Cake, Croissant, Pie, and Bread.


AMF, located in Richmond, Virginia, is the world’s leading manufacturer of high speed bakery equipments in Soft Roll & Bun and Pan Bread.


Trefa, located in Angerlo, the Netherlands produces Continuous Aeration Systems for applications such as Chiffon cake, Sponge cake, Biscuit, Wafer, Butter, Marshmallow, Whipped cream, etc.


Storci, located in Parma, Italy, a producer of all Pasta lines.


SELO, located in Oldenzaal, the Netherlands, is a specialist in the pet food sector. Selo supplies for example Emulsion pump with hopper, Extruder, Steam tunnel, Cutting unit, etc.