Blumer Atlas 1110

Product group:
Post-Press Blumer, Post-Press
Graphic Arts Machinery

The modular Atlas system is based on a single punching machine that works according to the piercing principle. Depending on the needs, it can be expanded to a semi-automatic or fully automatic Atlas production line. According to the respective configuration the system may be used for cutting, punching and banding labels in the area of foods, beverages and cleaning or for other products in diverse areas of application. These labels are produced in offset, gravure or flexographic printing process.

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The foundation for today's pole position in label and card production was set more than 100 years ago. For three generations the Blumer enterprise has displayed a marked social influence characterized by success and an orientation toward the future. Through each generation the market requirements of the time have been correctly identified and translated into state of the art products. 

Cutting edge technology production systems are the result of adaptation, innovation, perseverance and the courage to implement visions. At Blumer we abide by our standards of reliability, diligence and dedication as strongly as we pursue  the solid commitment to lead our customers to success.

From this basis we build production lines satisfying the most varied requirements. In the label and card industries, we respond diligently to the changing needs of our customers. From the roots of tradition to the promise of vision, we continue to maintain our position among the best worldwide.

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